Our machines and our construction process are designed for the production of individual profiles, in order to constitute all the components of the buildings to be constructed : structuresof ceiling, structures and trusses of roofs, beams, foundations and lintelswhich are connected on site or in the factory and then delivered as panels to be assembled.

cold formed galvanized steel floor joist

Lightweight steel floor joists

Bimify’s profile system offers a floor farmthat can be built in record time with larger spans and lighter weight than wooden alternatives..

cold-formed galvanized steel structure

Lightweight steel structure

Our numerically controlled technology allows you to manufacture your light steel structure according to your plans in accordance with the Eurocodes and DTU in force.

cold-formed metal frame in galvanized steel

Cold-formed metal frame

The wall frames are made up of C-shaped Z350Ggrade C studs of suitable size with maximum spacing of 600 mm screwed or riveted centers.


The galvanized steel frame allows the construction of all types of buildings with the most diverse forms and architecture, from the simple house to the modern villa, from housing estates to apartment buildings, but also many other possibilities such as for example:

metal frame house

Residential housing

Residential housing takes many architectural forms. The versatility of cold-formed steel makes it an ideal material for the construction of simple or complex models.

Lightweight steel house extension

Home extensions

The steel is lightweight and therefore allows for residential extensions on existing buildings.

Light steel metal structure for a collective building

Collective building

Cold-formed galvanized steel construction allows developers and companies to meet tight deadlines without compromising quality and allows for the rapid construction of mid-rise buildings.

industrial building in cold-formed galvanised steel

Industrial storage

Commercial warehouses must be built quickly and affordably to accommodate growth. Our system provides everything needed to implement this type of commercial construction – from building design to fabrication and on-site training.

prefabricated metal frame building

Prefabricated building

The highly accurate and accelerated production of our system means that walls, trusses and joists can be prefabricated off-site at high speed. The streamlined roll forming equipment takes up minimal space and allows for easy assembly on site.

tertiary metal frame building

Tertiary building

Our know-how also allows you to make the metal frames cof your tertiary buildings such as yourc between salesmen,business premises, offices or car dealerships.


Are you a construction professional? An architect? Or a project management firm? And you want a partner in France to custom-make your profiles in C or U? Send us your plans or sketches for encryption.

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Cold-formed galvanized steel structure
  • Cold formed steel construction and processes are increasingly used by construction companies worldwide, the versatile nature of cold formed steel allows for fast and efficient construction of mid-rise and residential buildings, warehouses, commercial buildings, facades, modular buildings,
    tiny house
    and much more.
  • Whether it is residential housing or non-residential buildings such as schools, hospitals, care facilities, offices or hotels; galvanized steel is the ideal building material and system for a quick and less expensive construction than traditional materials.
  • Advanced CNC galvanized steel construction methods allow for faster construction times, less waste, lower costs, more versatile and scalable design solutions, and better building performance.
  • Add to this the distinctive characteristics of steel(non-combustibility, termite and mould resistance and dimensional stability) and you have a practical solution to many of the problems encountered in the construction industry worldwide.
  • In the manufacturing and construction of buildings, CNC galvanized steel construction is faster than traditional methods. It is a design-driven process, which means that the skills needed to construct the building are required more at the design stage and less on the site.
  • Since galvanized steel frames and components are produced and manufactured from structural grade steel coils and are formed at room temperature by roll formers, they can be formed at high speed and in large quantities with consistent quality and precision.
  • The erection process is quick and simple and requires less time on site or heavy lifting equipment.
  • The ease of construction in galvanized steel is an interesting advantage. Lightweight steel construction, prefabricated frames, uniform quality and quick and easy on-site assembly with basic tools – all these factors reduce the need for highly skilled labour.
  • The strength and ductility of galvanized steel make it an ideal building material for all types and shapes of buildings. It offers larger spans due to the Reduced structuralweight and increased space utilization, which allows for architectural designs not possible with traditional methods, including the creation of innovative building forms and unconventional roof lines.
  • Cold-formed galvanized steel is used in a wide range of residential construction applications, from single-storey homes to mid-rise, multi-storey apartment buildings.
  • Not only are total construction costs lower, but construction speed can be significantly improved by up to 75%!


Manufacturer light steel structure
  • Our profiles are made from galvanized steel coils and formed in C or U, 0.75 mm to 1.5 mm thick, depending on the requirements and standards. The proposed C-section profiles have nominal dimensions in the range of 100 mm x 45 mm x (from 1.2 to 1.5 mm).


Compliant with building regulations, Eurocodes, DTU 32.3, BBC or RT,galvanized steel is also suitable for all architectural styles. In addition, a metal structure does not have a supporting wall, which allows for a variety of plans and layouts. From the classic home to the architect’s house design and atypical, anything is possible.

Quick and simplified editing

  • Easyto set up.
  • Improved build speed up to 75%


Economic solution

  • Reducing the duration of your work.
  • Up to 70% waste reduction.

Architectural freedom

  • Only your imagination has its limits.
  • Suitable for any type of architecture.

Lightweight and Durable

  • 30% lighter than wood.
  • Resistance to the most difficult conditions and insects.
  • Lifetime of the cold-formed light steel structure is approximately 180 years.


  • The structures are designed to withstand a wind of 60 meters per second (about 200 km/h).


  • Resists a Category 9 earthquake on the Richter scale.

Your project in metal frame: the steps!

Bimify manufactures from your plans, all types of metal frames for the construction of industrial, commercial, logistics, agricultural and tertiary buildings,but also for all your projects of detached houses.

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Send your plan to encrypt your metal structure.

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After analysing your plan, our team will send you the encryption.

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Once the previous steps have been validated, we will proceed with the manufacturing process.

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The steel profiles are delivered to the address of your choice.


  • Complete all the fields in the form,
  • Choose the object of your request,
  • If necessary, provide additional information in the Message field.
  • For the sake of efficiency, send us your plans in the .ifc and/or .dwg format.
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Once the form has been completed and sent, a Bimify advisor will contact you within 24 to 48 hours (business day).

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